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We collaborate with Interior Designers and Architects to execute their vision.

Paul Walden Interiors is a leading installer and supplier for UK and International wallpaper and wallcoverings.

Pattern books are available upon request.

Why we are

Before any installation commences, you’ll receive quality industry sound leading advice that includes the very best thinking and support to ensure your wallpaper or wallcovering installation leaves you delighted.

Whether you’re looking for partial advice or looking for an installation, we are only a phone call away.

Entrusted Partners

We are Entrusted Installers with many of the world’s leading wall-covering and wall-paper manufacturers. Correct installation and decoration is essential when working with high-quality luxurious materials. From ensuring the walls are properly prepared for handling the fine materials, manufacturers know that for the right results, a qualified approved installer is essential.

Our Wallpaper and Wallcovering Installation Process

Our three-step approach ensures you will stand in awe after we've achieved the finished results that exceeded any prediction you may have had of what your space would look like when finished.


A quality finish can only be achieved if the walls are prepared to a high quality standard. This is an essential stage of the process. As they say, "Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail."


Due to the complexity of today’s wallpaper and wallcoverings, thorough checks are needed to make sure all labels and manufacturers' installation procedures are correct to date, along with the correct adhesive selected.


Working cleanly, effectively with careful handling and attention to detail are essential to achieving the superior outcome that will exceed your expectations.

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