Re-Imaging Spaces for Nearly Two Decades

Entrusted installers for some of the world’s leading wall-covering and wall-paper manufacturers and a portfolio of delighted customers to match.

Entrusted Installers

We are Entrusted Installers with many of the world’s leading wall-covering and wall-paper manufacturers. Correct installation and decoration is essential when working with high-quality luxurious materials. From ensuring the walls are properly prepared to handling the fine materials, manufacturers know that for the right results, a qualified approved installer is essential.

Our Story

From humble beginnings in Hackney, East London, Paul Walden Interiors has established a reputation for re-imagining spaces with an elegance and sophistication that leaves people delighted. From his early days painting his Auntie’s room, Paul has always understood the importance of delivering a quality finish. In fact, it was his enthusiasm for his Auntie’s small project that led her to suggest he leave his career in engineering to train in painting and decorating.

Over the years, Paul’s work ethic and attention to detail have won him the respect of some of the world’s leading wall-paper and wall-covering manufacturers, giving him the status of Approved Installer with many.

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Bring the ‘Wow Factor’

Pushing beyond the status quo, Paul always likes to engage his clients in re-imagining their spaces and trying something they would never have considered independently. With a flair for creative design and a team of Interior Designers at hand, Paul Walden Interiors go beyond just installation.

Managing your project from beginning to end, you’ll receive top quality, industry-leading advice that incorporates the very best thinking and support that ensures your project delivers beyond your expectations. Whether you want a functional contemporary space, to restore historical features, or create a room full of charm and character, Paul Walden Interiors is here to help.

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