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Wallcovering vs. Wallpaper

Wallcoverings: What’s the difference between a wallpaper and a wallcovering? Many say it’s the same product but they are two very different products. Wallpaper is exactly what it is: a coated paper and mainly used in residential homes. A wallcovering is more suited to...

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Wallpaper Comeback

WALLPAPER - a Massive Comeback: Wallpaper has made a massive comeback over the last few years. The turn of the century brought on an interior design fashion having everything painted and faux finished. Gradually, feature-walls appeared to make a good focal point of...

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Carl Robinson

Carl Robinson: Design is in the Robinson family’s blood. Carl Robinson was born to a prominent designer in England, and his father’s father was a noted designer as well. “I think there’s something in the genes, in the blood,” Carl Robinson says, laughing. “I remember,...

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