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There is no shortage of paint brands on the market. Whether you’re an individual or professional dealing with interior and exterior paints, you can walk into any decorating store and find twenty different brands to choose from, all offering similar shades and promises. How are you supposed to choose? For us, it was easy, once we discovered Graphenstone.

Who is Graphenstone?

Graphenstone is a revolutionary paint manufacturer. The brainchild of chemical engineer, Antonio León Jiménez, Graphenstone is the result of dedicating himself to creating environment and health-conscious coatings for the modern-day.

Antonio spent years working as Chief Technical Officer for a successful Spanish coatings firm but left the position in 2009 to start his own enterprise which would become Graphenstone.


Since, he and his team have dedicated themselves to the tireless pursuit of the most innovative line of natural mortars and paints using lime from sustainable local sources.

After years of research, Antonio developed a graphene polymer, leading to the first range of paints and coatings using graphene technology. Thus, in 2013, his company became Graphenstone. He had created an eco-friendly product with exceptional results, unlike any other in the world. Now, they work diligently to produce more of the same.


What’s So Special About Graphenstone’s Products?

Graphenstone’s products are unique; they use natural, eco-friendly products while producing one of the best quality finishes available. They use lime and graphene as the base to their products which come together to create the ultimate natural coatings and paints.

What Ingredients Does Graphenstone Include?

How often do you check the ingredients of the food you’re eating? At least once a week, if not every day, so why don’t you check the ingredients of the paints and other household goods?

Now is the time to start. Graphenstone combines natural ingredients based on sustainably sourced limestone, with silicates and vegetable resins to produce a paint system that is both toxin and VOC free.

The “soft chemistry” of their products means that it is all biodegradable at the end of its life.

How do Graphenstone Use Lime?

Lime has been used as a base in paints and mortar since the mid-nineteenth century. Graphenstone has brought the use of lime into the 21st century by producing it in wood-burning kilns to produce the purest and whitest lime. The way they produce their lime is 100% natural.  

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a layer of carbon atoms – carbon is one of the three most prevalent materials on earth – only a single atom thick, arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Graphene is being used in a range of applications, namely paints and mortars, and has earned the nickname the “wonder material”. 

Graphene is perfect for use in coatings and paints because it is strong and flexible, so it won’t crack or flake like many other traditional natural mineral paints and coatings. Graphene allows an insusceptible amount of airflow through the wall, which improves your air quality and prevents condensation and moisture build-up within your home.

Why is Graphene so Important to Graphenstone?

Graphene formed the base of all Graphenstone’s products because it contains fibres that offer their coatings better thermal conductivity, flexibility, uniformity, strength, and toughness. These fibres form a strong mesh foundation for the products, which, in addition to the above benefits, also provides a more durable product which means less maintenance over the years.

How are Graphenstone Products Environmentally Friendly?

Graphenstone’s products are made of natural materials (limestone) that, as they cure, absorb CO2, and help to naturally purify the air. A single 15-litre bucket of Graphenstone paint can, as part of this curing process, absorb over 5kg of carbon dioxide.

This means Graphenstone coatings and paints are perfect for use in green buildings, eco-buildings, smart cities and community buildings, and passive houses.

Air pollution in cities is a serious problem across the world and one that isn’t being tackled fast enough. With their ‘Paint Different’ campaign, Graphenstone aims to tackle some of the staggering pollution statistics and help cities and individuals change the world.

Each year there are 7 million deaths linked to pollution alone, and around 93% of children around the world under the age of 15 are growing up breathing air which is endangering their growth and health. Graphenstone wants to do their part in turning this around.

Graphenstone products help clean the air, and their factory and product processes are also green, ensuring they do not contribute to the very problem they are trying to tackle. Their factory is powered using renewable energies, the water used in production processes is recycled, and all packaging is recyclable.

They don’t include toxic chemicals and only use high quality, natural raw materials. If you someone who prides themselves on being healthy and environmentally conscious, Graphenstone is the only brand for you. 

Graphenstone Certifications.

Sustainable Building.

In line with the philosophy of Graphenstone, the products contribute actively and positively to the fulfilment of different criteria of the most recognised sustainable building certifications worldwide such as WELL, LEED Certified® and BREEAM®.

How are Graphenstone Products Health Conscious?

The all-natural qualities of Graphenstone make it perfect for use in environments where the inhabitant’s immune system is – or may be – compromised, such as hospitals, retirement facilities, hotels, family rooms, indoor enclosures, and play environments for children and infants.

What Benefits Will I Feel Choosing Graphenstone?

  1. Reduces Allergies – Graphenstone products can help to naturally reduce the number of pathogens in the home, prohibits mould, fungus, and other bacteria. For those who regularly suffer from allergies or have respiratory problems, such as asthma, using Graphenstone paints will help increase overall comfort and quality of life.
  2. Purer Air for All – The natural elements in Graphenstone paints and coatings help to purify the air, meaning the air you and your family breathe inside your home is of better quality and less likely to lead to sickness. It’s easy to focus on the aesthetics of your decorating efforts, but in our modern age, it’s also important to think about the health of your family.
  3. Easier Cleaning – The graphene in Graphenstone paints and coatings makes it easier to clean, and will maintain the quality finish with even daily cleaning. This makes it perfect for families, pet owners, and high-traffic areas of the home.
  4. Save Money – Maintaining your property over time is essential but can be costly if the wrong materials are chosen. Graphenstone coatings and paints are designed to go the distance; not only are they natural but due to the graphene they are more durable and flexible.
  5. Reduce Condensation – Graphenstone products allow for an insusceptible amount of airflow through your walls, reducing condensation and moisture build-up in your home which can contribute to mould growth and damage the structural integrity of the home.
  6. Redecorate and Inhabit – You won’t find warnings about only using Graphenstone paints in a well-ventilated area; their paints are odour-free and do not contain petroleum derivatives and solvents. Now, you can paint and occupy your home without fear of irritation to your eyes, skin, and respiratory system.
  7. Easy to Apply – Graphenstone paints don’t require any extra fanfare. To get the best results, remove the old paint, clean the surface, and dilute the paint with water. Once mixed, it’s ready to be applied straight to the wall.

Why We Choose Graphenstone

Graphenstone is the only all-natural, health and eco-friendly paint on the market, and besides all it’s incredible natural qualities, it also offers an incredible finish. If you’d like to learn more about how Graphenstone paints can change the way you live and how it can help you prioritize the health of your family.

If you are planning a redecoration or renovation project, we’d love to talk to you about your ideas and how we can help you use Graphenstone paints in your project.

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