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Graphenstone Eco Friendly Paint is a Must Go-To

Painters and Wallpaper Hangers should be adding Eco Friendly Paints to their toolkits.  Even if they don’t have a client who is environmentally conscious, Graphenstone is a great paint for interiors and exteriors.  So why not save the planet while you’re at it? Through the years, as a wallpaper hanger who also does painting, I’ve tried and tested many different brands, but once I found Graphenstone I knew I’d found the paint and coatings manufacturer for me. When you need a Painter and Wallpaperer, it’s always nice to have a wallpaper installer who is known for his specialist knowledge and years of experience in choosing the right paint for your project too.


But Don’t You Do Wallpaper and Wallcoverings?

I have been in the painting and decorating business for over 19 years now, and so you could say I’m something of an expert in interior and exterior paints – it would be hard not to be! 

I am well known for my outstanding quality of workmanship, so I have had the privilege of working on some incredible projects. I’m asked to take on wallpaper and transformation projects that may include interior and exterior painting when a client needs specialist knowledge.

What’s So Special About Graphenstone?

Graphenstone isn’t like the other brands you’ll find if you walk into any old hardware store; Graphenstone is a revolutionary paint manufacturer whose products I love working with. Why? Because Graphenstone is dedicated to producing the very best and most innovative line of all-natural paints and mortars, their production process is completely green from start to finish, and the products go on to benefit the environment.

So to all of the painters and wallpaper hangers near Promenade Park to Cressing Temple Barns, learn why you should start using Graphenstone.

How is Graphenstone Environmentally Friendly?

One of the biggest factors for me when I recommend Graphenstone to others, is that they only include ingredients you’ll recognise and pronounce. Nowadays, all health-conscious and environment-conscious people pay attention to what ingredients are in their food, whether something is recyclable, and think about how to live more sustainably, but not as much thought is given when it comes to decorating. Graphenstone are taking steps to change this.

Their ingredients are all sourced locally, sustainably, and are non-toxic to the environment and your health. Their factory processes are all green; they use renewable energy and recycle their water, the product containers are all recyclable, and the products themselves are biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.

What Ingredients Does Graphenstone Use?

Lime and graphene are paired to produce the ultimate base for their products. While lime has been used in building materials for years, graphene is the new “wonder material” updating and strengthening traditional decorating materials. Now is the time to start. Graphenstone combines natural ingredients based on sustainably sourced limestone, with silicates and vegetable resins to produce a paint system that is both toxin and VOC free.

Cradle to Cradle certification – Material Health Gold

Green Tag certification – Material Health Platinum

What is Graphene?

Painter and Wallpaper Hanger with Graphenstone GrafClean Paint

Graphene is a layer of carbon atoms, only a single atom thick, arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Graphene is what makes using these natural products possible for long term use; the graphene creates a mesh that is 200 times stronger than steel yet is flexible so moves as the building settles.


Painter and Wallpaper Hanger with Graphenstone GCS Interior Paint

It also allows an insusceptible amount of air through the material to improve the overall quality of your air, without compromising on the ability of the building to retain heat or cool air.

If you are planning to redecorate soon using paint, wallpaper, or wallcoverings, I’d love to discuss your ideas with you.

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