Wallpaper Comeback

A Historical View

WALLPAPER – a Massive Comeback:

Wallpaper has made a massive comeback over the last few years. The turn of the century brought on an interior design fashion having everything painted and faux finished. Gradually, feature-walls appeared to make a good focal point of the room; particularly around fire surrounds and chimney breasts. As time evolved, we started seeing two opposite walls being wallpapered and now – more so over the last year – clients are being brave and are having rooms fully wallpapered along with the 5th wall being the ceiling! It may seem strange to have the ceiling papered but it really does work, provided the right design is chosen. If your preference is to have painted walls, why not consider a feature paper on the ceiling? It will certainly bring your room to life.


As designs keep changing within this industry, so are the boundaries being pushed with designs and materials being used. The possibilities are endless; from conventional vinyl, to woven wood, along with the elegance of Swarovski crystal, natural grass cloth and screen-printed designs. The list is just endless.

It’s just as important to choose the correct wallpaper for the right application of your designated area. As much as we love the designs and how fantastic they look, they may not actually be suitable. With a heavy traffic area, for instance a hallway and staircase, a robust paper would be recommended here rather than a delicate flock wallpaper, which would be more appropriate for a bedroom.

With all specialist wallpaper it’s essential that the correct preparation is carried out to a high standard before any installation can take place and that the correct wallpaper adhesive is selected and applied in accordance to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

To hang your desired wallpaper a competent installer must be sourced with a track record of installing specialist wallpapers. Due to every wallpaper requiring a different handling and installation techniques, care and attention must always be adhered to ensure highest quality finish possible.

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